Vereniging van Oudgermanisten



Rubriek: Oudnoords, Oudijslands, Oudnoors, Ouddeens, Oudzweeds

Titel: Snorri Sturluson: The Uppsala Edda: DG 11 4to.

Auteur: Pálsson, Heimir, ed. and Anthony Faulkes, trans.

Jaar: 2012

Andere gegevens: London: Viking Society for Northern Research, University College London, 2012. Pp. cxxxiv, 327. 12.00 GBP. ISBN: 9780903521857


Reviewed by:
Kevin J. Wanner
Western Michigan University
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I preface this review by specifying the standpoint from which I will assess this new edition and English translation, designed to "be of benefit to Anglophone students and scholars unaccustomed to diplomatic editions" (cxxiii), of the Icelandic manuscript known as Uppsalabók or Codex Upsaliensis, or U for short. I have no experience or training in manuscript studies or in the preparation of editions or translations. Rather, I tend to produce analyses of the interwoven contents and contexts of Snorri Sturluson's Edda and related texts, with a focus on the interpretation of accounts of myth, and the place and role of religion in medieval Norse society. As such, I review this volume not so much as a peer of Heimir Pálsson, who prepared the edition, notes, and introduction, or Anthony Faulkes, the translator, as I do as someone whose scholarship texts such as theirs make possible. Before, therefore, considering the usefulness and merits of The Uppsala Edda, I acknowledge the debt those like myself owe to those who undertake the detailed (i.e., tedious) work needed to produce volumes of this sort.


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