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The Richard Hall Symposium 2015 in York

Jaap van Vredendaal
Call for Papers: Researching and Representing the Early Mediëval. A one-day conference with York Archaeological Trust, King’s Manor, York, 20th June 2015
In 2014 the JORVIK Viking Centre celebrated its 30th birthday. For three decades it has welcomed visitors to the site of the Coppergate dig, an undertaking that revolutionised approaches to Viking-era England both within and beyond the academy, through a range of new investigative and interpretative techniques. But where do we stand in 2015? In what ways do current and future research opportunities threaten to overturn long-held notions surrounding the early medieval period, and how are the findings represented and manifested outside the research community? Star finds like the Viking levels at Coppergate and the Staffordshire Hoard propel the period into the headlines, but what are the longer term effects on public awareness of early medieval matters? What sorts of challenges do preconceptions about the early medieval period present to those charged with interpreting it for audiences of various kinds?

This one-day, interdisciplinary conference will bring together heritage professionals and researchers in such related fields as archaeology, history and public history to explore a range of current themes in early medieval research, as well as the real or potential impacts of this research in the public sphere.

Possible topics for exploration include:

Early medieval material culture / texts
Histories of the early medieval period
Public perceptions of the early medieval period
Early medievalisms in television and film
Cultural heritage and re-enactment
Exhibiting and interpreting early medieval artefacts in a museum or digital media setting
Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and the new National Curriculum

Plenary speakers TBC

The event will be followed by an optional evening reception at JORVIK, to which all speakers will be invited.

We welcome papers of 20 minutes addressing the issues outlined above. Please send a 250 word abstract to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. by 13th February 2015.

Dr Chris Tuckley
Head of Interpretation, The JORVIK Group
Tel: 01904 543424



De Vereniging van Oudgermanisten (VOG) staat open voor mediëvisten en taalkundigen die zich bezighouden met Oudgermaanse talen en teksten. Verschillende leden zijn werkzaam aan een universiteit of onderzoeksinstituut in Nederland of Vlaanderen.


Doel van de VOG is om contacten en uitwisseling tussen oudgermanisten te bevorderen en onderwijs en onderzoek op het vakgebied te stimuleren. De jaarlijkse Oudgermanistendag biedt leden de gelegenheid om hun onderzoek te presenteren.


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